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About Me

Located in Sydney Australia, I am a self taught artist in stone sculpture, drawing, painting, Pen & Ink, digital, and mixed media. My style is very eclectic and esoteric. I have produced artworks on and off over many years, but have just recently decided to put my full focus in this area of my life. I draw my inspiration from things I see, how I feel and what I dream. 

My mission is to inspire emotion, creativity, dreaming and self exploration of those three things through my artworks. Through my art I tell stories, I share stories, and I inspire stories. My art guides me to connect with other people and my environment, and  I view my art as a magical garden, where magical seeds are planted to sprout and grow in infinite ways. This growth may lead to healing, to understanding, to connecting, to inspiring, to contemplation, or to just bring peace, joy, and satisfaction.

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Samples of my artworks


Click on a picture for more information, or go directly to  Shop to select from the entire range of original artwork currently for sale.

    *NOTE   I have over 300 artworks available as prints via a print on demand service, on several mediums, and sizes. To go direct to this service, please click this button below.

Pen & Ink

Hover mouse over picture on carousel to pause - click on picture for more information, or go directly to shop for available original Pen & Ink artworks. (I have over 300 artworks available as prints via a print on demand service, on several mediums, and sizes. To go direct to this service, please click the button below) 

Amethyst Dragon
Tribal Turtle
Tan Stag
Wood Owl
Grey Wolf
Full Moon Stag
Red Stag
Rainbow Tiger
Rainbow seahorse
Frog on a leaf
Howling wolf
Gold Dust
Kelly the Wild Horse
Red Jellyfish
Patchwork Giraffe
Rainbow Fish
Patchwork Zebra
Blue Owl
Tribal Feathers
Wise Owl
Candy Tree
Titan the Cat
Black scorpion
Candy Seahorse
Black Cockatoo
Blue guitar
Stallion Watches

Digital Artworks

Digital art is a new creative area I am exploring and really enjoying. I find it a far more complex and often frustrating and difficult way of creating art than painting or drawing. Below is some samples of my achievements, are currently available only through "print on demand" service.  Please click on a picture for more information and to purchase.

sunset run
kookaburras at Mystery Bay
Metalic blue jellyfish
By the beach
Belle of the sea
CI beach-treasure - reduced
eye of the cheetah
CI Perfect reflection 3 canvas
Impossible sky
A New Day Dawns
Making magic happen
sunset surf
Forest of the Faye
Black Cockatoo Sunset
Sea Dragon
Midnight Fairy Meadow
Spirit Brumbies
Deer in the forest
castle ruin with dragon


See something you like that is no longer available? Contact me to discuss a personalised commission.

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Just for the moment, I only offer my artworks for sale via online ordering - which comes with a full money back guarantee of the purchase price on all artworks purchased online. I do this for 2 reasons -

1. Computer screens are all different, and while every effort is made to have the colours of each artwork as close as possible to the original, it is out of my control if different screens vary the colours slightly. (My experience has been that people are overwhelmingly more pleased with the original than it's representation on screen)

2. I only ever want my artworks in the hands of people that adore them! There is a little bit of my heart and soul in each one, many many hours of thought, process, successes and the occasional frustrations! So if for some reason the piece you purchase does not sing to you, I will gladly refund and re-home it.

Do you have a busy lifestyle but would rather see the actual artworks instead of online? I offer free viewings of my artworks in your home to some areas of Sydney at a day and time of your convenience (contact me for more detailed information on the areas I service etc.)

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